Interested in a rewarding career in neurological rehabilitation?

Klint is on the lookout for therapists interested in helping people with neurological conditions achieve a better quality of life. We invest a lot of time and energy in our staff to offer a quality neurological therapy service that achieves results. We offer a complete therapy service for whatever a person with a neurological condition may need, whether neurological, respiratory or musculoskeletal in nature. We also have a subspecialty interest in facial and vestibular rehabilitation.

Klint offers a relaxed and open culture of collaboration, learning and diversity for promising individuals who have the right mix of experience, attitude and skill. We value honesty, flexibility and shared learning, which are all embedded in our daily work. The progressive nature of our practice is such that we are always looking to deliver better quality and innovative services, with a person-centred and evidence-based approach.

So if that sounds like you, contact Keegan at or 0434 313 897 to express your interest. We are always happy to discuss employment with potential candidates, applicable now or the future, with a range of flexible options available (full time, part time or casual).

We are currently seeking the following positions:

– Neurological Physiotherapist

Read what our staff have to say about working at Klint:


I have been employed as a neurological physiotherapist by Klint for almost 2 years now, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities and belief this physio practice has given me. The unrivalled support and trust shown has provided me with the utmost confidence to grow as a therapist.

Klint is a creative, motivated and extremely caring practice that is always striving for excellence, and prides itself on a vision to constantly improve the therapy model. The flexibility and variety given to us as clinicians is just one of the reasons why I have loved and continue to love working with Klint. I am so pleased with my own development as a clinician in both neuro and vestibular physiotherapy.

It is also an exciting team to be a part of from a social perspective. We share in enjoyable and memorable experiences outside of the work environment, which makes it feel like we are a work family. I know that Klint believes this togetherness only helps to grow our teamwork and ongoing care for our clients.


I’ve been working at Klint for just under 6 months and have grown immensely as a neurological and paediatric physiotherapist during that time. Aside from top patient care, the team at Klint is very focused on exposing their practitioners to as many learning opportunities as possible. We do weekly professional development where we have the opportunity to discuss complex cases as well as go through a formal presentation and practical session relating to a particular condition, type of assessment or treatment. It has been a great time to learn from the other therapists’ experiences and improve on my own skills. I have also been encouraged to participate in courses to further my development in areas of interest to me. I have been well supported in expanding my neurological skills in adults and children. I know that I will continue to be encouraged and supported in following this pathway. I have been so impressed by the team at Klint and I look forward to continuing my journey as a physiotherapist with them.