Not at all. As a primary health service, you can refer yourself or a family member to us via phone, email or by leaving your details on our Contact page. We appreciate further information sent via email or fax, as it saves time and it means we understand your situation more fully.

Yes! We consult at 4/544 Hampton Street, Hampton VIC 3188 and 380 Springvale Road, Forest Hill VIC 3131.

Our sessions range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, up to twice a day. During this time, we engage your senses and cue movement so you stay active in the treatment.

We sit with you at the beginning and go through a framework of recovery, so you can be assured that we know where we are heading. In this time, we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible, because we prefer patients in the driver’s seat and we assist with your navigation. That way, you will eventually be able to drive independently and make the best health choices for yourself.

We often use photos and videos to track progress, and help you see and feel change along the way.

Our treatment techniques are carefully chosen to demand the greatest activity from weak muscles, and to ‘speak’ to the neurological systems that are injured. Layer by layer, moment by moment, we uncover the root of the problem to elicit the best response. As touch is one of our most reliable senses, giving information about spatial awareness, stability and balance, we use it a lot to help you re-learn and regain movement.

We find that in many settings, grouping sessions together into an intensive block is more consolidating than those spread out.

This is because new learning requires a lot of active thinking and immersion in the therapy, like if you’re reading a textbook for the first time. Once you get the hang of it, we encourage different ways of practise to help the brain learn, adapt and overcome challenges. Doing therapy this way usually hastens your recovery and helps correct errors early on so you don’t lose your way later.

Determining how much everything will cost is difficult to predict from the start. This is because no two people, even with the same condition, will recover or respond to therapy in exactly the same way.

Contact us for the most up to date fee schedule.

All our physiotherapy sessions are rebatable through private heath insurance, but the amount depends on your level of private health insurance cover.

We also registered providers for the following organisations and funding schemes.

  • TAC and VWA
  • Medicare Australia – Chronic Disease Management
  • NDIS
  • MS Australia
  • UnitingCare
  • ABI – Slow to Recover

*Please note that all our TAC, VWA, NDIS and ABI Slow to Recover clients are FULLY COVERED and there is no gap fee.

Sessions range from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs.

In this time you get:

  • a clear plan made with you
  • uninterrupted one-on-one direct therapy time
  • detailed movement analysis
  • photos or videos (taken with your permission) to help your learning and to track progress
  • revision and progression of your exercise program
  • your questions answered

As part of our service, we spend time outside our sessions calling and writing to your GP, specialist and other health professionals, free of charge.

Intensive therapy by our methods is therapy that is delivered for longer and more frequent periods that is traditionally offered. Scientific research suggests intensity of treatment is a very important ingredient for neuroplasticity, where thousands of repetitions and reinforcement is required to create lasting change.

You may think that practising something thousands of times would be very boring, but you will find that our therapy sessions are usually highly varied, as we think of many ways to practise the task.

For example, a piano player does not play the same tune over and over again to get good; but rather, plays a different set tunes in different tempos and moods to create a more consolidated skill set. That is the same when it comes to relearning something like walking, where the task is practised within an intensive model to produce muscle memory and a set of patterns the brain can remember.

Contrary to what you may think, our intensive therapy isn’t strenuous and will always be matched to your ability, fitness and potential. Think of is as us nudging you along the spectrum of recovery.

Klint therapists travel all around North East, East and South East Melbourne to help those in need. We can visit you in your home, your gym or workplaces – anywhere really, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. We find this provides you with the best chance of adapting and overcoming your specific challenge, and set you up right from the get go.

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