The Klint Way

Intensity for

Scientific research tells us that the brain is like a muscle that learns through repetition and intensity. It doesn’t mean that the exercise is completely exhausting, but it has to adopt some intensity to instill change. When the body relearning new skills, it needs to be exposed to clear instructions, cues and lots of feedback. We apply handling and environmental techniques to help shape your body’s perception of the movement, and encourage the positive behaviour that emerges. This is the clinical application of neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to change its output or input.

Klint therapists can see you up to 5 times a week, up to 2 times a day, according to your needs and your neurological capacity to change. Enquire about our intensive programs today.

Guaranteed quality

At Klint, therapists have been trained in our 5 Step Expert Reasoning Process, which enables the therapist to apply a rigorous framework of decision making during your consultation. While this is by no means a recipe, it ensures that you will receive the highest level of clinical care and reasoned thinking, that is most likely going to result in an accurate diagnosis or effective treatment plan.

Klint therapists also use a Benefit Maximising Framework, which allows both the therapist and you to consider how else you can improve outside of therapy. This framework is broader than physiotherapy itself, and puts you, the client, in the centre of what we do and how you can best help yourself.

Klint therapists are avid readers, and our robust professional development program covers a lot of research evidence in neurological rehabilitation so you can be assured of our evidence-based practice.

Another way we guarantee quality is that we actively engage you in a Feedback Process, formally and informally. Because if it matters to you, it matters to us.

Evidence of change

We believe that it isn’t enough to show on paper that you are doing well, or take our word for it. At Klint, we ensure that we help you document your recovery with us through photographs, videos and we use all sorts of creative ways to track your progress.

Furthermore, we want you to FEEL change. Some therapists only care about whether you can do something or not, or simply provide aids to make that happen. Klint therapists are always open to the possibility that you can recover from, rather than fully compensate for, neurological disorders. So we try and help you make movement easier, straighter and faster. It’s not just about whether you can do it, it’s about HOW you do it too.