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Who are we and Why do we exist?

Klint is a forward-thinking neurological physiotherapy private practice dedicated to treat adults and children with neurological, vestibular and facial conditions.

Our director Keegan believed that people with neurological conditions deserve more. He was frustrated at the lack of services for people who want to regain their quality of life and to continue their neuro-rehabilitation journey. He could also see the lack of evidence based practice that was plaguing the physical health industry, and the impact that it was having on people with conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries. 

And so in 2014, Klint Intensive Neuro Therapies was born. Since then, he and his dedicate team have worked tirelessly to give back to the community and re-energise people with significant trauma, disability and loss of hope. We have now helped over 1000 clients all around Melbourne and Victoria and some overseas and interstate achieve results that they would not have otherwise had if not for the immense amount of time and energy we put into our client partnerships. We believe that intensity of treatment is key to be truly able to change someone's trajectory and outlook.

For us, we're not just a physiotherapy practice, but a connected tribe of people delivering on our passion and expertise to those who need it most and deserve more.

Our Vision

To be the most respected and community-connected neurological physiotherapy practice in Australia.

Our Core Values

At Klint, we firmly believe that everything we do should come from our strong culture of inclusion and diversity. Everyone in the team has a voice and that our behaviours are shaped by our 6 core values:

We don't just know this, but we live and breathe our core values each day because it's what binds us together and creates the seamless client and user experience we have become known for.

A range of programs to suit you and your needs

Klint takes out the traditional models of care and puts you in the centre of what we do. From obtaining a second opinion, to working with you on an intensive program, we seek to understand what will benefit you most with whatever you feel you would like to achieve.

As a service, we have the capacity to see adults and children up to twice a day for up to 5 days a week, for up to 2 hours at a time. We believe that in some instances the best outcomes are achieved with intensive therapy, which is one core principle of driving neuroplasticity to its highest capacity. Read more about our intensive therapy here.

Education, expertise and excellence underpins everything

At Klint, we spend a lot of time keeping up with the latest neuroscience knowledge, research and rehabilitation developments to bring the best thinking and therapies to you.

Our comprehensive in-house development programs integrate evidence, technical skills and theory to ensure that the highest level of neurological physiotherapy is delivered to you. We take pride in developing our original material that is both relevant and holistic to the critically-thinking therapist.

That is also why our practice is highly sought after by both local and international university and students who are seeking to take their neurological physiotherapy skills to the next level, and why we attract clients from all over Australia.

Making change real to you

Klint believes that effective therapy and treatment needs to be experienced, and by that we mean we want to help you SEE and FEEL change. This is something that we strive for in every consultation, and for you to learn from it so you can drive further recovery yourself. We can use a range of media including photography, video and outcome measures to help you chart your progress or to maintain your abilities.

We always believe that there is the possibility that your abilities can improve, rather than simply be compensated for. So we try to make you move easier, faster and with less thought, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Quality and feedback – an iterative process

Klint therapists are trained in the use of the Klint Benefit Framework, which enables the therapist to apply a rigorous framework of decision-making and application of therapy during your consultation to ensure you achieve maximum benefit. While this is by no means a recipe, it ensures that you will receive the highest level of clinical care and reasoned thinking that is most likely going to result in an accurate diagnosis or effective treatment plan, no matter who you are seeing in the practice.

As part of our quality assurance, we undertake client satisfaction surveys and constantly seek to understand the perspective of the user, and regularly review our processes and materials, so we can deliver a service that responds to your feedback and improves over time.



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