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Retraining standing

Why is it important?

Standing is a feature of normal human movement, and forms the foundation for more complex activities such as walking, standing on one foot and running. In many instances the ability to stand can be retrained to be straighter, stronger and for longer with the right therapy, intensity and programs.

Standing enables the upper limbs to be free to be used for fine and gross motor activities, because the trunk is extended and the range of the shoulders are free.

Standing also is important for the maintenance of upright posture, muscle strength and length, bone density and prevention of joint contractures and pressure injuries. It also improves our lung, heart and digestive function.

Common challenges:

The role of the neurological physiotherapist in retraining standing:

It is important that the contributing factors impacting the ability to stand be identified and assessed. From there a physiotherapist can develop an individualised rehabilitation program to target and retrain these specific areas. Interventions could include strengthening muscles, retraining the motor movement pattern, practice and part practice as well as the use of equipment as needed.

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