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Services to help rehibilitate

Intensive therapy

Klint physiotherapists believe in our clients getting the most out of treatment and delivering outcomes. Sometimes, this means that it is ideal to provide a block of intensive treatment so that the learning process is accelerated and heightened.

Home visit

At Klint we want to make therapy accessible. We ensure that if you can’t make it to one of our clinics you will still receive excellent, goal orientated therapy at the level of intensity that you require. We can also help you set up your home program just the way it should be so you can feel confident you’re doing it exactly the way you should.

Aids and equipment

Adults and children with neurological conditions often require additional expertise and more complex solutions to their mobility, transfer and living needs. Getting equipment prescribed and funded requires knowledge, expertise and experience to get this right, as ill-fitting aids and equipment can cause injury and inconvenience.

Home, gym and pool programs

At Klint we strive to anticipate what you may need, and to set you up to help you achieve your goals sooner.

This can mean that a gym, pool or home exercise program may be suitable for you to do either independently or with the assistance of a carer.

Carer and family training

At Klint we understand how important family members and carers are when it comes to helping our clients recover from and manage their neurological conditions. We understand that carers could be helping anyone from their elderly parent to their young child.

Activator pole training

Have you ever heard of Nordic walking? Perhaps you’ve seen people with specialised hiking poles? Klint has teamed up with Urban Poling ©  and are using their product Activator poles to help revolutionise the way we help people walk again. We are the Master Trainers for Melbourne and provide additional education and training for other therapists interested in their use.

Residential home visits

For a variety of reasons, it may be that a person with a neurological condition requires the care of a residential facility. Unfortunately, this includes younger people as well.



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