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Activator walking poles

Have you ever heard of Nordic walking? Perhaps you’ve seen people with specialised hiking poles? Klint has teamed up with Urban Poling ©  and are using their product Activator poles to help revolutionise the way we help people walk again. We are the Master Trainers for Melbourne and provide additional education and training for other therapists interested in their use.

What are Activator poles?

Activator poles are very similar to hiking poles but they have been designed to be more user friendly for someone with a disability, neurological condition or for the older client.


The benefits of Activator pole walking

There has been excellent research showing the changes that Nordic walking can make in someone with a movement disorder like Parkinson’s. It often helps to increase step length and allow arm swing again. Moreover, Nordic walking can help strengthen core muscles by simply just walking with the specialised poles, which is an area often missed in the gait training process.

At Klint, where possible, we use the Activator poles to reverse the negative effect of wheeled walkers and quad sticks can have on posture. Often people rely on their walking aids in a manner that does not promote good weight transfer and foot placement, resulting in overuse injury and strain on their hands, wrists, neck and shoulders. This can lead to more problems down the track.

Activator poles can help a range of people with neurological conditions also develop better balance reactions and coordination. Our experience suggests that people with mild ataxia, incomplete spinal cord injury, stroke, post-polio and Parkinson’s tend to benefit the most, and they can use these poles as their primary walking aid indoors or outdoors on more demanding terrain.

We also use the Activator poles to help retrain arm function and other movements like getting out of chairs, getting out of bed or rolling in bed.

Enquire today and book in for an assessment to see if Activator poles may be beneficial to your recovery or if you would like an in-service.

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